We are asked allsorts of Painting and Decorating related questions from our customers, we therefore it maybe a good idea to share the questions and answers with you as they may help you too.

Questions Answered Here Include -

When is the best time to paint the exterior of a house?

What is the best paint brand in the UK for outdoor painting?

Is painting exterior brick a good idea?

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

Five great questions to ask your Painter and Decorator to help ensure a good job.

When is the best time to paint the exterior of a house?

Some manufacturers have launched paints which allow you paint outside this window, however, drying times are increased when it's cold, and walls may be damp. Ideally you need a period of settled dry weather.

Generally, the best time. Of year would be between the months of Mid-April through to October, however it will be weather dependant. The biggest issue when carrying out exterior decorating is the humidity in the air. Paints take longer to dry and cure if the air is too damp, causing the paint film to fail instantly, however this will not necessarily show until later date. Another important factor to take into account is the temperature which should ideally be above 8 degrees.

If you want the best chance of a long-lasting finish then Summer/Autumn months are by far the best times to carry out exterior decorating.  Paints should be allowed to dry under favourable conditions. It may be possible to carry out exterior decorating outside of these months as some manufacturers have launched paints which allow you paint outside this window by using products such as Pliolite Masonry paint, this is an oil-based product and can be quite difficult to use and is also far more expensive than normal Masonry paints. It is also worth noting that drying times are increased when it's cold, and walls may be damp.

A professional, experienced Decorator will always recommend the best time to paint an exterior.


What is the best paint brand in the UK for outdoor painting?

Each decorator will give you a different answer to this question as they all have our own preferences.

Dulux Weathershield exterior decorating paint system is a favourite.

Some Decorators love the new improved formulation of Johnstones Stormshield – as it is shower proof in 20 minutes.

Some Decorators love Tikkurila for renders preferring a silicate-based masonry.

Sikkens is a very good choice for staining timber.

Hammerite Smooth Black or different colour is the normal go to choice for exterior metalwork

Most brands of paint which are from "Trade" shops will be decent - but I'd suggest you avoid buying paint from large DIY stores such as B&Q, Wickes etc. These stores paint will generally be thinner, hence more likely to be splashed about and more coats will be needed to achieve the finish desired.



Is painting exterior brick a good idea?

Painting brickwork can really look good. The best way to do this is use the correct Masonry paint. Brickwork can be safely painted as long as the correct procedures are followed, and specific primers are used.

Using the correct primer along with thorough preparation beforehand will ensure that the decoration will last and will prevent problem at a later date. There are several coatings that can be supplied which range from smooth to textured finishes, as long as you maintain the paintwork at the intervals recommended you shouldn’t encounter any problems or issues.

Finally, when painting bricks be sure to use a exterior masonry paint as this will allow the bricks to continue breathing. If you use the wrong paint like a gloss, this will seal the brick which in time will crack and split as the moisture is trying to escape.

Using the correct product on any surface will have your home not only looking nice but will also last a very long time. Just ask your decorator and he or she will advise what's best.


How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

This is quite a difficult question to answer as there is so much variation in the painting and decorating of exteriors each job is different, meaning that sometimes even a ballpark figure could be way off.

Every external decorating job is different, It all depends on the size and condition of the exterior, together with the specification required to decorate. I have quoted and won external jobs from £200.00 through to £47000.00

I find mostly the people leave it until it's really bad to the point where you may need to burn off the old paint etc.

If this is the case the cost will be much more than if it was done when it's still in good condition.

On average every 4 to 5 years you should paint your exterior which will not only keep your exterior looking good all year round, but the cost won't be as much because it's more of a maintenance paint job then a going back to bare wood and starting from scratch job.

 Five questions to ask your Painter and Decorator

Asking your painter the right questions will ensure a great result.

  1. Ask about practical issues, as this may save time and help the work run smoothly. For example, what needs to be removed, moved or covered in your room – and do they expect you to do that? The same goes for clearing up afterwards. Find out what hours they work, when they will start, and how long the job will take.

  2. It’s worth checking who will actually be doing the work. You may feel perfectly happy about letting the painter into your home, but what if they send someone else to do the decorating? It’s important to be comfortable with the people who will come into your home and to feel confident about their level of skill and experience.

  3. It’s a good idea to ask for expert advice about how to achieve the level of finish that you want. For example, are you looking for a polished, pristine finish, or do you want to retain the character of an old building? A good decorator will actually ask you the right questions in return, so that you are both clear about the level of finish required.

  4. Where possible, ask for a detailed quote (not an estimate) if you do not have one. This should list every aspect of the job: preparation, materials, how many coats of paint will be applied, how long the job will take, which parts of the room are to be painted, and whether the work is guaranteed.

  5. It's worth asking about the liability of the painter when your furnishings are damaged during the decorating. It may be unlikely, but if they spill paint over your expensive carpet, you don’t want to be the one who ends up paying for everything. So, discussing up front all the details regarding warranty with the painters who are going to work in your house could go a long way to prevent future issues.