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Are You Thinking Of Selling Your House?

The one colour that can add thousands of pounds to your home.

 It’s common knowledge that, when you are planning to sell your home, it’s worth making the effort to get your house looking neat, tidy and attractive.

We are getting asked more and more by our customers to redecorate rooms before they place their homes up for sale.  It’s worth if financially in the long run as it can dramatically increase the final sale price of your property.

We kept getting asked “what is the best most appealing colour to paint our room” To be honest we didn’t really know. However we did the research and found the answer, no it’s not Magnolia or a shade of grey. There is one colour alone that can add thousands of pounds to your homes value.

That colour is Ivory.










Ivory is timeless, classic, versatile and walls this colour have the power to make a home look more expensive, while at the same time providing a clean canvas for potential buyers.

Redecorating with this colour can also speed up the sale of a house, as buyers see the property as well-maintained. They can also move in quicker because they have a neutral space and don’t have to worry about immediate painting to cover the previous owner’s personal tastes.

Ivory acts as a blank canvas to furniture, artwork and accessories and automatically creates a feeling of space so buyers will feel as though they are getting more for their money.

But, whilst the off-white shade is clean and simple, adding a few pops of colour with your existing furniture and accessories help to make your home look characterful and homely.