What can we do for you?

We have learned a lot of skills over the years, along with the skills that every Professional Decorator has, such as wallpapering, marbling and other effects we offer more modern skills that some may not have, this list is by no means complete so please contact us to discuss in full everything we can do for you.

Dedication to Customer Care

As a company we are dedicated to making our time in your home as comfortable as possible for you. From providing labeled boxes to remove valuable items from the rooms we are transforming, to leaving you a Maintenance pack which includes all colours used in your home in sample pots so you can touch in when the time comes but you do not need to store large bulky used tins of paint, we are dedicated from the first dustsheet laid to the final brush stroke and after.

Airless Paint Spraying

With our Graco gx-21 we can tackle even the largest job in a timely manner, used in the right way with the proper and correct preparation work we can achieve a flat finish that will leave ceilings looking flat and flawless. This machine adds a diversity to TJ Painting & Decorating that is yet to be seen much of in England. Perfect for new builds and fresh plaster.

Water Based Paints

By utilizing completely water based paint systems we can give you a much cleaner, greener and fresher service. Water based woodwork paints will not yellow like a traditional oil based  finish. Also because water based paints do not contain a solvent there is no smell, and it does not irritate asthma.  For more information about Water and Oil based paints please click or tap here.

Repair Care and Timbabuild Approved Installers

Certified by Repair Care and Timbabuild to install their products we can repair damage to all types of timber Sash Windows Wooden Conservatories, Orangery’s and almost any other timber repairs. The work can normally be completed without disruption to your home, leaving a finish in keeping with your home's design and aesthetic. Find out more by clicking or tapping here.

XLVP Paint Spraying

With this service we can refinish your kitchen or any furniture with an immaculate result. Nearly 4 times faster than traditional painting by hand and is assured to leave a flawless mirror smooth finish. Using this machine TJ Painting and Decorating won Dulux Select Decorator of the year 2018. 


Vista Digital Wall Mural Qualified Installers

Having trained at the Dulux Academy we are now qualified to hang Vista Digital Wall Murals. Mostly used for feature walls you can have your own image enlarged and put onto your wall. Our recent installations include a number of Offices in and around London and Sotherby’s in Mayfair London

Find out more by clicking or tapping here.